April 14, 2022

A Peek Behind the Scenes with Regan Meador at Southold Farm + Cellars

A Peek Behind the Scenes with Regan Meador at Southold Farm + Cellars

In this episode you’ll hear what’s important to Southold Farm + Cellar's Regan Meador. We discuss his thoughts on growth, distribution, winemaking and vineyard practices. And in Texas wine news, find out about The Vind app, camping at 4R Ranch, wine recommendations for crawfish, and the Wine & Food Foundation's June 5 event. I'll be leading a VIP pre-party, and I hope to see you there! Cheers y'all!

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Mentioned in this Episode

Texas Hill Country Wineries invite you to “Drink it All in” at the 2022 Wine and Wildflower Journey. Right now, through April 22nd, this self-guided tour is your passport to exploring over forty wineries in Texas Hill Country. As a passport holder, you can visit up to four wineries per day over twenty-three days, plus receive exclusive discounts on bottle purchases!

Buy your digital passport at www.texaswinetrail.com and head for the hills, now through April 22nd.

I’m excited to announce the launch of Sommly, a direct-to-consumer marketplace for artisan Texas wine! If you’re a Texas winery, claim your free winery page today. Soon you’ll be able to list all of your wines and club memberships for wine lovers to purchase on Sommly.com. If you’re a wine consumer like me, search for your favorite local wineries on Sommly and give them a great review. Please join me in spreading the word, and helping folks discover the Texas wine industry! And follow @sommly.wine on Instagram for the latest updates.

  1. Join me at Wine & Food Foundation’s Toast of Texas on June 5! Use code SHELLY for $10 off! VIP event is only for members of WFF. More information HERE
  2. A new app can help plan your Texas Wine Country trip. Download The Vind to see suggested itineraries from people in the know!
  3. Camp at 4R Ranch Vineyards and Winery! Get details HERE
  4. Texas Wine Lover website has a list of wineries across the state that operate lodging facilities. See the full list HERE
  5. Wine Spectator on Texas High Plains Dicamba drift issue
  6. Enter the TEXSOM Awards!
  7. Texas Monthly: Everything You Need to Know About Hosting a Crawfish Boil (including wine selections!)
  8. Texas Wine documentary premiers in Dallas at USA Film Festival! See Film on YouTube HERE

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Interview with Regan Meador of Southold Farm + Cellar

Southold Farm + Cellar

Demerits and Gold Stars

Demerit: Napa Valley Register article on Kerrville features H-E-B’s California wines selections. #drinklocal

Gold Star: Mason’s Art & Wine Festival! And Adelphos Cellars!
New Mason wineries mentioned:
Peters Prairie Vineyard
Saba Winery

Mason favorites:
Fly Gap Winery
Robert Clay Vineyards

And congrats to Adelphos Cellars for winning the People’s Choice award at Lubbock Uncorked!

Thanks to Texas Wine Lover for promotional help! For the latest information on Texas wineries and vineyards, visit Texas Wine Lover

Wine & Food Foundation

I’m so happy to be part of the community of wine and food lovers at The Wine & Food Foundation! Get more information about upcoming events, the IMBIBE: The WFF Education Series, and find membership options here.