April 28, 2022

Re:Rooted 210's Jen Beckmann is Planting Roots in San Antonio

Re:Rooted 210's Jen Beckmann is Planting Roots in San Antonio

Jen Beckmann's Re:Rooted 201 is helping define the Texas wine scene in San Antonio. You may know Jen from one of the Hill Country wineries where she worked before opening her own tasting spot in downtown San Antonio’s Hemisfair Park. Now a modern urban winery is the perfect setting for her to continue educating the public on Texas wine.

In Texas wine news, I'm announcing the wineries that are included in my top 5 Texas wines of 2022 event with the Wine & Food Foundation! Plus, more Texas wine content in podcast form, Best Little Wine & Books in Lockhart delivers on two of my favorite things, and a grower's perspective on the ongoing drought.

Cheers y'all!

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Mentioned in this Episode

I’m excited to announce the launch of Sommly, a direct-to-consumer marketplace for artisan Texas wine! If you’re a Texas winery, claim your free winery page today. Soon you’ll be able to list all of your wines and club memberships for wine lovers to purchase on Sommly.com. If you’re a wine consumer like me, search for your favorite local wineries on Sommly and give them a great review. Please join me in spreading the word, and helping folks discover the Texas wine industry! And follow @sommly.wine on Instagram for the latest updates.

  1. Join me at Wine & Food Foundation’s Toast of Texas on June 5! Use code SHELLY for $10 off! VIP event is only for members of WFF. More information HERE
  2. Tasting Table: Top 20 Wine Bars in the Nation includes Times Ten Cellars in Dallas and High Street Wine Co. in San Antonio.
  3. Best Little Wine & Books in Lockhart
  4. Chris Missick’s Viticulture Podcast features two episodes (38 and 39) on the Texas wine industry.
  5. Wesley Cable’s Obsessed with Wine )odcast and an interview with yours truly.
  6. SommTV Online Magazine: Texas High Plains Article by Shelly Wilfong

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Interview with Jen Beckmann of Re:Rooted 210 Urban Winery

Re:Rooted 210

Demerits and Gold Stars  
Gold Star: Newsom Grape Day 2022
Gold Star: Sage’s Symposium at Sage’s Vintage

Demerit: Austin homeowner who partners with Napa winery for home’s private wine label, yet boasts of Texas Wine Country location.

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Wine & Food Foundation

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