Dec. 15, 2022

The Year in Review with John Rivenburgh

The Year in Review with John Rivenburgh

It’s the end of 2022, and it’s time to take stock of the big stories in Texas wine industry this year. Today I’m going to talk through it all with John Rivenburgh of Kerrville Hills Winery.

We talk about the Texas wine stories that made the news, those that didn’t but should have, our personal Texas wine highs and lows, and even a few predictions about 2023.

In other Texas wine news, I’ll tell you what I’ve learned about what's going on at Uplift Vineyard, the cool new address for Lost Draw Cellars, Texas wine award winners, and more.

Cheers y'all!

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In Texas Wine News

1. San Francisco International Wine Competition: Red Wine Winners

2. San Francisco International Wine Competition: White Wine Winners

3. Lost Draw Cellars’ Expansion News from Summer 2022

3. Jefferson Cup Results

4. Forbes: December wines from Virginia, Texas and California

5. COURSE ANNOUNCEMENT: Texas Wine Marking Research Institute’s “Licensing and Compliance in the Wine Industry”

6. COURSE ANNOUNCEMENT: Texas Hill Country Wineries and William Chris Wine Co’s “Texas Wine Certification Course”

7. Download The Vind App to help plan your trip to the Texas Hill Country!



John Rivenburgh

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