Feb. 25, 2021

Winter Weather Whips Texas: What's Next for Texas Wine?

Winter Weather Whips Texas: What's Next for Texas Wine?

Episode 18 is all about the winter weather that just walloped Texas. What are vineyard managers and winery owners saying about the 2021 harvest after a long, deep freeze? I'll review which grapes are considered most cold hardy and what signs of hope are evident in the vineyard.

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Feature: Winter Storm Whips Texas

Grapevine Cold Hardiness Graph by Pierre Helwi PhD and Justin Scheiner PhD of Texas A&M Viticulture and Enology

Sergio Cuadra of Fall Creek Vineyards: The impact of frigid weather on our vineyards

Dale Robertson for Houston Chronicle: How the Texas freeze will affect the state’s wineries and wine industry

Also quoted: social media posts from these Instgram accounts:

  • Slate Mill Wine Collective: @slatemillwinecollective
  • Chris Brundrett: @ighyetx
  • Kerrville Hills Winery: @kerrvillehillswinery
  • Maura & Dan Sharp: @sharpfamvines


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