Jan. 27, 2022

20 Years of Texas Wine with Bénédicte Rhyne

20 Years of Texas Wine with Bénédicte Rhyne

Bénédicte Rhyne is my guest on this episode. If you don’t already know Benedicte, you’re in for a treat. In my interview with her, we talk about how Texas reminds her of her native Provence, how she strives for balance in winemaking, and her thoughts on the collaborative nature of the Texas wine industry.
Plus the latest news about the Texas wine industry.
Cheers, y'all!

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Mentioned in this Episode

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  1. Texas Grape Growers’ Lawsuit Stays in Texas Court
  2. Growth in Gillespie County Wineries
  3. H-E-B’s TexFest is February 16 - March 8!
  4. Results from San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition
  5. Dr. Russ Kane on Texas Roussanne The “Roussanne Advantage”: The White Grape for Texas
  6. Texas Hill Country Wineries Symposium

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Interview: 20 Years of Texas Wine with Bénédicte Rhyne

Bénédicte Rhyne Website

Bénédicte’s 4-Day Winemaking Course

Demerits and Gold Stars

Bummer that two Austin wine bars closed recently. Don’t forget to support bars and restaurants that serve Texas wine!

Gold Star:
New Sign for Texas Hill Country. (fingers crossed)

John Rivenburgh and Phillip Hawkins for leadership in Texas Hill Country Wineries association.

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