Dec. 1, 2022

Adrienne Ballou's Texas Wine (and Beer) Journey

Adrienne Ballou's Texas Wine (and Beer) Journey

You may know Adrienne Ballou from her time at a couple different Hill Country wineries, most recently Southold, or from her own label, Lightsome Wines or from Nice n Easy, the bar she co-owns in Johnson City. She's got an interesting background and a lot to say about Texas wine,

In Texas wine news, I’ll share some holiday wine deals, some great press for Texas wineries, and dig a bit deeper into the winners at the Houston Rodeo’s Uncorked International Wine Competition.

Cheers y'all!

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In Texas Wine News

1. Results from Houston Rodeo’s Uncorked International Wine Competition

2. Holiday Gift Ideas -

From the Dallas Morning News: Texas Fine Wine Red Wine Bundle

From Big Tex himself: Sommly’s Bone Dry Bundle

3. Inside Hook: 5 Sommelier-Approved Texas Wines to Drink During the Holidays

4. Wine for Normal People Podcast: Episode 448 with Dr. Kevin Pogue - discussion on AVAs and terrior



Adrienne Ballou

Lightsome Wines

Nice n Easy


Article referenced in the interview:

SevenFifty Daily: The Wine Mavericks That Heralded a New Generation at U.C. Davis


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