March 24, 2023

Welcome to This Is Texas Wine's new website!

Welcome to This Is Texas Wine's new website!

Thanks for checking out my new website! After a few years of using my podcast host's free website, I've upgraded a bit. This allows me some additional features that are available now, and others that I'll utilize over time.

Here are a few of the cool features you'll find here:

1. Ability to send a voicemail. Remember when I had the Google Voice number? Well, they took it away! But now you can leave me a voicemail right here on the website. The microphone in the lower right corner of the site will allow you to record a message and send it to me. (NOTE: I'm also happy to accept voice messages via email. Just record yourself on a phone voice recorder, and then email to me at

2. New About section with information about the podcast and and my bio. My old site didn't have the ability to add pages!

3. Ability to use custom show art for each episode and tag episodes based on content. That way you can sort episodes based on your interests. Want only interviews with winemakers? Just select the "Texas Winemakers" category in the Episodes tab in the navigation bar on the home page.

4. Reviews! Thank you to everyone who has left reviews of This Is Texas Wine on Apple Podcasts or Spotify! You'll see your reviews here. If you haven't left a review yet, what are you waiting for? You can leave reviews on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or right here on the website.

5. Blog posts. Yet another feature that the previous website didn't support. On occasion, I'd like to have a place to self-publish wine reviews, event recaps, tasting experiences, and more.

The standard Newsletter Signup and Support the Pod options are here too. Other features may be deployed in time.

Let me know what you think!