March 9, 2023

Bryan Chagoly of Sandy Road Vineyards and Top Texas Wines

Bryan Chagoly of Sandy Road Vineyards and Top Texas Wines

My guest Bryan Chagoly co-owns Sandy Road Vineyards in Johnson City. We discuss how Sandy Road Vineyards started and their plans for the future. We also talk about Bryan’s latest project, Top Texas Wines. You'll hear more about this effort to promote the Texas wines that win the most gold medals in international wine competitions.

In Texas wine news, there’s a major development in the effort to add another AVA in the Hill Country, some travel and tourism news, and more news that has people talking. I also share a personal story about a recent blind tasting event I hosted.

Cheers y'all!

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Texas Wine In the News

  1. Press Release about new Hickory Sands AVA Proposal
  2. Dr. Carl Hudson for Texas Wine Lover: article detailing new AVA proposals in Texas
  3. National Geographic UK: “Five of the best US cities for wine-lovers”
  4. “A dozen Texas wines best California wines at annual competition”
  5. Wine Business Article: William Chris Wine Company’s Newest Winery Venture to Exclusively Feature Estate-Grown Wines
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Interview with Bryan Chagoly

Sandy Road Vineyards

Top Texas Wines


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