Feb. 24, 2022

Chris Hornbaker: Pursuing Perfection at Eden Hill Winery

Chris Hornbaker: Pursuing Perfection at Eden Hill Winery

Chris Hornbaker from Eden Hill Winery joins me for this episode. I’ve enjoyed getting to write about Eden Hill Winery and have enjoyed Eden Hill wines for a few years now. It was fun to sit down with Chris to get the behind the scenes stories.

And as always, there is Texas wine news including fun new programming, new mentions of Texas wine in the media, a unique spot for a new tasting room, and some nice recognition for yours truly.
Cheers, y'all!

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Mentioned in this Episode

Sommly is an online marketplace where wine enthusiasts can explore wineries, join wine clubs, read reviews and buy or give the gift of Texas wine. Similar to Etsy, Sommly enables artisan wineries to sell their wine direct-to-consumer and cut out the middleman.

Sommly’s marketplace will be launching in Texas early this year. To learn more visit www.sommly.com or follow @sommly.wine on Instagram.


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Interview with Chris Hornbaker of Eden Hill Winery

Eden Hill Winery

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Texas wine is aging well according to Andrew Chalk!


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