April 6, 2023

Dan Gatlin's Dogged Quest for Quality at Inwood Estates Winery

Dan Gatlin's Dogged Quest for Quality at Inwood Estates Winery

Dan Gatlin joins me to talk about his almost 50 years in the wine industry. We cover a lot of ground including including the development of the wine industry in Napa Valley, the lessons learned in the early years of the Texas wine industry, Dan's unconventional ideas about terroir, and why he wishes the Texas wine industry would have adopted some of the strategies from the Oregon wine industry.
In Texas wine news, big congrats to a Texas winemaker for making VinePair's List of 50, kudos for Texas women in wine, a feature article on Texas red blends, and a new documentary about Texas wine.
We end with a gold star for a Texas winery for their recent blog post with great information on aging wine.
Cheers y'all!

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Texas Wine In the News

  1. Rae Wilson named to VinePair List of 50
  2. VinePair Red Blends article features 6 Texas wines
  3. Lana Bortolot on Forbes.com Women in Wine: Focus on Texas
  4. Texas Wine History Documentary by Mark Fusco
  5. Newsom Grape Day is April 26. register here
  6. Texas Hill Country Wineries Road Show in Austin is April 17. register here
  7. Rootstock Wine Fest TICKETS - Use code “Shelly” for 10% off
  8. Toast of Texas TICKETS - Use code “Shelly” for $10 off

Interview with Dan Gatlin of Inwood Estates Winery

Inwood Estates Winery

Gold Star

Messina Hof’s article on aging wine and library wines. Read it HERE


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