Feb. 9, 2023

Jean Hoefliger on the Future of Texas Wine

Jean Hoefliger on the Future of Texas Wine

My guest is international consulting winemaker Jean Hoefliger who now works with clients in Texas. Jean was a keynote speaker at the recent Texas Hill Country Wine Symposium. In our interview, you’ll hear his enthusiasm for Texas wine and the future of the industry. In Texas wine news, I review the latest Texas wine press, recent wine competition results, and tasting room openings. Plus, an invitation from Women For WineSense national president Donna Schlosser-Long to join the organization for a May conference in Fredericksburg.
Cheers y'all!

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In Texas Wine News

1. Wine Enthusiast: How Low Yields Are Spurring Texas Winemakers’ Creativity

2. Adelphos Cellars Announces Tasting Room and Event Center

3. Thrillist: Where to Find the Coolest Urban Wineries in the US

4. Silicon Valley Bank’s “State of the Wine Industry 2023” Full Report

5. Silicon Valley Bank Report Video Summary

6. San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition Results - Texas results sorted on Texas Wine Lover

7. Rootstock Wine Fest - April 13

8. Wine & Food Foundation’s Toast of Texas - April 23

9. Women for WineSense - National Meeting in Fredericksburg May 18–20

10. Download: Texas Wine Lover App!



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Gold Star

To William Chris Wine Co for representing Texas in the Rhone Rangers tasting experience this month in California.


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