May 18, 2023

Michael Barton of Hilmy Cellars

Michael Barton of Hilmy Cellars

Michael Barton is the winemaker at Hilmy Cellars in Fredericksburg. He’s earning rave reviews for his wines, and today you’ll hear about his deep appreciation for Texas grape growers, the changes he’s been making at Hilmy, and what he learned working for some larger wineries. If you haven’t been to Hilmy lately, you’ll definitely want to go after hearing Michael’s interview.

But first, the Texas wine news.
Cheers, y'all!

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Texas Wine In the News

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  2. Tribute Wine for the late Dr. Pat Brennan: Purchase on Brennan Vineyards’ website
  3. International Wine Review: CL Butaud Profile and Wine Reviews
  4. Sage’s Symposium in Nacogdoches - May 23
  5. AgriLife’s Central Texas Vines and Wines in Waco at Valley Mills Vineyard - May 23
  6. Comparing Cotton and Wine: Texas Farm Bureau Cotton article and Wine America Economic Study for Wine

Interview with Michael Barton of Hilmy Cellars

Hilmy Cellars

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Popular podcast publishes episode featuring great pairings with Mexican and Tex-Mex. No mention of Texas wine.


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