July 30, 2021

Rae Wilson of Wine for the People: Endlessly Curious about Wine and Life

Rae Wilson of Wine for the People: Endlessly Curious about Wine and Life

Rae Wilson is founder and winemaker for Wine for the People. Her brands include Dandy rose, Dandy bubbles, plus a new label called La Valentía. She also co-founded The Grower Project with Andrew Sides. Rae’s got a unique background as a sommelier and a wine educator, and I happen to think she’s making some of the best wines in Texas. I've also got all the latest news about the Texas wine industry. Harvest is here! Cheers y'all.

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Interview: Rae Wilson of Wine for the People

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Demerits and Gold Stars

Demerit: Central Market North Dallas for having 5x more sake (and much more prominent placement) than Texas wine!

Gold Stars:

Texas wineries that prioritize wine education by providing guided tastings rather than a handout with wine descriptions.


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