July 16, 2021

Ron Yates Loves Texas, Tunes, and Tempranillo (not necessarily in that order)

Ron Yates Loves Texas, Tunes, and Tempranillo (not necessarily in that order)

Ron Yates is my guest for episode 26. He loves wine (Tempranillo is #1 in his heart), music, and Texas. He knows how special it is to be able to work in a winery every day! The world could use more of Ron's energy and positivity. Plus there's Texas wine news including a new YouTube docuseries that looks like a winner! And I've got a gold star for Hill & Vine, a new Hill Country restaurant that's making a huge impression in Fredericksburg. Cheers y'all!

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Mentioned in this Episode

Texas Wine In the News

  1. Texas Winemakers Docuseries! WATCH HERE
  2. Amy Beth Wright for Wine Enthusiast:We Are Not Constrained by Tradition: The Budding Wine Scene in Fredericksburg, Texas
  3. Dale Robertson of the Houston Chronicle: List of Recent Articles
  4. Wine Spectator Grand Award Winners
  5. William Chris Wine Company Purchases Hoover Valley Vineyard: PRESS RELEASE
  6. Walker County vineyards rebound after losing crop after historic winter storm

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Interview: Ron Yates of Spicewood Vineyards and Ron Yates Wines

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Demerits and Gold Stars

Demerit: Hill Country restaurants that don’t have any Texas wine on the wine list!

Gold Star: Hill & Vine in Fredericksburg!

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