Oct. 20, 2022

Sergio Cuadra: 10 Years of Making Wine at Fall Creek Vineyards

Sergio Cuadra: 10 Years of Making Wine at Fall Creek Vineyards

Sergio Cuadra, director of winemaking at Fall Creek Vineyards is celebrating his 10th harvest in Texas, but he’s been working in wine for even longer in Chile. Hear what he thinks about the unique opportunities that growing grapes and making wine in Texas presents.
In Texas wine news, we’ve got several articles about Texas wineries in the news. Plus awards results from two different competitions. Listen for all these details and more.
Cheers, yall!

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  1. San Antonio Express News: William Chris Wine Co. founders strive to grow Texas wine industry’s reputation
  2. Forbes: How Climate Change Is Impacting Winemakers In Texas
  3. Save the Date for the 2023 Texas Wine Auction - April 29!! Get more information here
  4. Code to save $10 on Texas Harvest Wine Tasting at Dallas Farmers Market on Oct 28 is TXWinePodcast10 LINK to tickets
  5. Southern-most winery and vineyard in Texas: Bonita Flats Farm and Vineyard in Los Fresnos
  6. Northern-most winery and vineyard in Texas: Vingo Vineyard / Yoder Cellars in Dalhart
  7. Highest elevation vineuard in Texas in the Texas Davis Mountains AVA: The Vineyard at Blue Mountain
  8. Hottest vineyard in Texas: Hell’s Half Acre Vineyard in Terlingua


Sergio Cuadra of Fall Creek Vineyards

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