May 20, 2021

Susan Johnson of Texas Heritage Vineyard on How it Started and How it's Going

Susan Johnson of Texas Heritage Vineyard on How it Started and How it's Going

On this episode, I interview Susan Johnson of Texas Heritage Vineyard in Fredericksburg. I’ve also got the scoop on how Texas wineries fared in the 2021 TEXSOM International Wine Awards, one of the toughest wine competitions in the world. There's a new segment called Demerits and Gold Stars. Plus, I’ve got all the latest news about the Texas wine industry. Cheers y'all!

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Wine & Food Foundation

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Interview: Susan Johnson of Texas Heritage Vineyard

Demerits and Gold Stars

Demerit: Mother Nature! Enough with the freezing temperatures, hail and funnel clouds directly over vineyards.

Gold Star: Teenage Wasteland, the new rosé of Malbec by Reese Bolen, for her FFA Project. Way to go, Reese!

Jam out to The Cure’s song Baba O’Riley (aka Teenage Wasteland) here.

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