June 3, 2021

Texas Roots Run Deep at Wedding Oak Winery

Texas Roots Run Deep at Wedding Oak Winery

This episode features an interview with Mike McHenry, founder of Wedding Oak Winery, and Seth Urbanek, winemaker at Wedding Oak. I’m sharing my tasting notes and a bit more information about the two wines that won the Judges' Selection, the top Texas wine prize at the recent TEXSOM International Wine Awards. Plus, I’ve got all the latest news about the Texas wine industry. Whether you’re a regular listener or joining in for the first time, welcome to This Is Texas Wine.

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Mentioned in this Episode

Texas Wine In the News

  1. WineBusiness.com: Third Time’s the Charm: Texas Legislature Passes New Wine Labeling Law
  2. New Texas Wine Book: Family, Tradition and Romance: The Messina Hof Story
  3. Way Out Wineries Summertime Cookoff 2021 (June 11–13 at 8 participating wineries
  4. Toast of Texas: A Celebration of Texas Wine (June 10 in Driftwood)
  5. Love by the Glass column on Bending Branch Frizzante Rosé of Tannat
  6. Covington Hill Country Says Howdy in Hye
  7. William Chris Wines’ New Wanderer Series Wine benefitting Feeding Texas
  8. Ben Calais Hiring Harvest Interns

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Interview: Mike McHenry and Seth Urbanek of Wedding Oak Winery



Dr. Russ Kane’s recent article on Wedding Oak Winery: Wedding Oak Winery: Seeing the Future in Red Blends and Roussanne for Texas

Demerits and Gold Stars

Demerit: State Legislature Missed Opportunity to Allow Liquor Sales on Sundays

Read more HERE and HERE

Gold Star: The two wines that won Judges’ Selection medals at the 2021 TEXSOM International Wine Awards.

Judges’ Selection for Texas Red: 2017 Spicewood Vineyards Battle of Toro

Decanter: Why is Touriga Nacional a rising star?

Judges’ Selection for Texas White: 2020 William Chris Vineyards Roussanne - La Pradera Vineyard

Full results from 2021 TEXSOM International Wine Awards can be found HERE

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