Sept. 22, 2022

Tips for Visiting Texas Winery Tasting Rooms with Victoria Calais and Donna Rene Johnston

Tips for Visiting Texas Winery Tasting Rooms with Victoria Calais and Donna Rene Johnston

My guests are two of the best hospitality biz professionals in Texas. Victoria Calais and Donna Rene Johnston join me to share some tips for visiting Texas winery tasting rooms whether you're visiting Fredericksburg, Johnson City, North Texas, Texas High Plains, or anywhere else across the state. Plus, Texas wine news includes the 12 winners of Texas Monthly’s 2022 Vintners Cup and the liquidation of what was once the largest winery of Texas.
Cheers, y'all!

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  1. Texas Monthly: 2022 Vintners Cup Winners
  2. Texas Monthly: “A West Texas Winery—Once the Largest in the State—Has Closed Up Shop”
  3. Texas Hill Country Wineries Houston Roadshow LINK to tickets
  4. Podcast Meet-up: Sunday, October 2 from 4–6 in the Texas Wine Garden at the State Fair of Texas!
  5. Texas Harvest Wine Tasting at Dallas Farmers Market on Oct 28 LINK to tickets


Victoria Calais, Co-Owner at French Connection Wines

Donna Rene Johnston, Administrative Director at Kerrville Hills Winery and The Hill at Hye

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