June 25, 2020

Why Texas Needs a Wine Podcast

Why Texas Needs a Wine Podcast

Texas needs a wine podcast, and I'll tell you why. Texas wineries are in the news. I kick off the inaugural episode with a sparkling wine from a Texas wine pioneer.

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Why start a Texas wine podcast?
Excerpts from my business plan:

  • Fill the Texas wine void in the podcasting medium. Although there are some brand-specific podcasts or video shows, there isn’t currently a Texas wine podcast that spans across brands.
  • Engage a Texas wine loving community. I see the love for Texas wine increasing, and I find that people are hungry for more.
  • Provide wine education for consumers. I love educating people about Texas wine and providing wine education. We enjoy wine more when we know more!
  • Texas needs to attract new Texas wine drinkers. According to the Federal Register, there are 21.3 million Texans over the age of 21. A 2019 Gallup Poll tell us that 65% of the population drinks alcohol. So, we have a potential Texas wine market of 13.8 million people. How many of those currently drink Texas wine?
    • Of those that drink alcohol, 30% of Americans prefer wine, 38% prefer beer, and 29% prefer liquor. My target reach for this podcast is the 4,154,230 Texans who prefer wine.
  • This podcast can promote Texas as a wine travel destination. Specifically, how can people who love wine travel better around Texas?
  • Podcast episodes reside online forever, and they can be discovered by new listeners for years to come.

Connect with the Podcast:
Facebook: @texaswinepod
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Twitter: @texaswinepod
Email: texaswinepod@gmail.com

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Mentioned in this Episode

  1. My Texas wine journey began thanks to Jeff Cope, founder and editor of Texas Wine Lover Texas Wine Lover is where you'll find maps of all of the wineries and vineyards across Texas, winery profiles, winemaker interviews, and more!
  2. Dilek Caner MW of Dallas Wine Education Center was my fabulous teacher for WSET levels 2 and 3. I can't recommend this enough for those wanting a serious, thorough wine education that includes plenty of tasting practice.
  3. The Society for Wine Educators offers the Certified Specialist of Wine certification. It is another excellent choice for wine education. The self-study format requires that you be self-motivated!
  4. Russ Kane, author of The Wineslinger Chronicles, taught the Specialist of Texas Wine course that I took in 2018 through The Texas Wine School. There's another Specialist of Texas Wine course starting July 15. Russ also blogs at www.VintageTexas.com.
  5. Gallup poll with Americans' alcohol preferences

Texas Wine In the News

  1. Forbes article "Texas Winery Kuhlman Cellars Earns 5 medals in French wine competition"
  2. Gus Clemens article "It's a fine time to buy wine online"
  3. Wine Spectator article "Wineries Cautiously Begin Reopening Phase"
  4. Texas Monthly article "Virtual Wine Tastings Pop Up Across Texas"
  5. Food and Wine article "The Best Virtual Wine Tastings to Enjoy from Home Right Now"

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